Feature Friday: Re-think your drink

soda pop

Lolz…. my work colleague shared this article with me, about a guy who decided to drink 10 cans of Coca Cola® every day for a month. You can see the results of his “experiment” here. Even though you can’t possibly extrapolate the results of one guy’s experience to the general public, it paints an interesting picture around the effects of sugar on our bodies.

Happy Friday everyone! xo

Feature Friday: Ugly Produce

A while back on one of my Market Monday posts, I talked about a French campaign that was selling the “ugly” vegetables and fruits at discounted prices in order to reduce food waste.

I was pleasantly surprised to read this morning about Loblaws hopping on the same bandwagon, introducing a new line of “Naturally Imperfect” produce:


I LOVE this idea. It really falls in line with my personal views as a Dietitian: Healthy food should be made accessible for people of all budgets, healthy food doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy or “pretty”, and it is important for us to support our local farmers and economy. You can read the Toronto Star’s feature article about the Naturally Imperfect line here.

Have a great weekend! xo

Feature Friday: Top Diet Trends for 2015

Lolz…. I got this news article in my email this morning and had to take a look. I’m soooo excited to see gluten-free is still going to give me lots of work in the new year….

Yep, still hot in 2015...
Yep, still hot in 2015…

Don’t forget to check out #10 on the list! When in doubt, ask a dietitian! Have a great weekend 🙂