October Unprocessed 2015


ZOMG. It has been waaaaay too long since I’ve posted on my blog. For my readers (RE: 5 of them, probably all of them family) I do sincerely apologize. I’m so excited to get back to it, setting myself a reasonable goal of 2-3 blog posts per week.

Anyways I am excited to take on the October Unprocessed Challenge again this year! For more information, see my description here. This challenge was such a great learning experience for me last year. It brought me back into the kitchen, really reflect on where my food comes from and remembering the importance of “less is more” when it comes to food.

This year I want to add another layer into my challenge by reducing my consumption of meat and other animal products (cheese, milk, yogurt). I’ve always toyed with the idea of becoming vegetarian or vegan, for a variety of reasons (which I won’t get into today). However after much thought and deliberation, I don’t think that could be a reality for me (cheese and lobster would be things I would miss way too much in my life). However I am very interested in the concept of being a “reducetarian“, meaning a person who significantly decreases the amounts of animal products consumed. During October Unprocessed month, I’m looking forward to trying more vegan and vegetarian dishes and experimenting in the kitchen. This added challenge will definitely get me out of my comfort zone!

So if you are interested in taking the October Unprocessed challenge, just visit the site www.eatingrules.com and sign the pledge today! The website has lots of great resources, tips and tricks for the month. But make sure to also set your own rules. The challenge will not be successful if your expectations are too complex or restrictive. I will be updating you throughout the month, so make sure you comment and hold me accountable! xo Kelly


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