Market Monday

Today was an impulse purchase kinda day. I’m trying to keep within a budget (now that I’ve moved out on my lonesome my rent has gone up!) so I came to the market tonight armed with only 15$ burning a hole in my pocket.

I was pretty stocked up with fruit and vegetables at home so I thought I would try something new. Introducing…. sprouted beans!

Appetizing huh...
Appetizing huh…

Yes I’m aware that these look like some weird experiment gone wrong. But hear me out, they are tasty! The beans I bought are sprouted chickpeas, peas and lentils. Basically you start off with dried peas/legumes, and they are soaked, rinsed and re-soaked until germination happens (aka the beans start to sprout).

These sprouts can be added to salads, sandwiches or tossed into a stir-fry. I topped a lentil curry (that I purchased at the Farmer’s Market) with some sprouts and it gave the curry a nice crunchy texture. And like their cooked counterparts, these lentil/pea/chickpea sprouts are a great source of protein and fibre.


If you are pregnant, have a weakened immune system or are part of a vulnerable population group (e.g. elderly and young children), I would not recommend eating these sprouts, or other sprouts (e.g. Alfalfa, Mung bean) raw. Commercially produced sprouts have been linked to outbreaks of salmonella and E.Coli. I take the risk by eating them as they are, but I strongly recommend reading this safety page from Health Canada. Safety is always number 1!

Happy Market Monday! xo


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