October Unprocessed Month Reflections: Part 1


Well, it is now the beginning of November. I thought I would look back on my last month and reflect on how I did. You can read more about the challenge here. For Part 1 I want to reflect on the positives: what I feel I gained from the challenge, improvements I found physically, socially and mentally. For Part 2 I thought I would reflect on the challenges: the times I slipped, difficulties in social situations and how I can move forward from here.

What I gained

I definitely gained more awareness of what my body needs. Previously I was relying on coffee and sugar to get me through the day (especially the afternoon slump!). But by making my meals from whole foods, less sugar, more protein and more fibre, I found I craved sugary foods less. I still felt the need to have a sweet after a meal, but I think that is more out of habit :). I also felt really satisfied after my meals!

I gained more awareness about where my food comes from. When I committed to eat unprocessed foods, I also committed to trying to purchase in-season, local foods. At my weekly Farmer’s Market trips, I met the farmers who grew my food and it made the experience of purchasing food much more personal. I also got out of my comfort zone and tried foods I never saw myself purchasing (e.g. salad turnips)

I finally gained a sense of peace and almost “zen” when it came to cooking food. Because I had to make a lot more foods from scratch, I found the cooking process to be almost therapeutic (this of course was before I got super busy with life!). I really enjoyed food preparation, I would put on a cheesy movie in the background and take my time preparing a meal.

Stay tuned for my next part on the challenges, which were plentiful 🙂


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