Market Monday

This Monday was the first week of the indoor market. I feel very fortunate to have access to a Farmer’s Market all year round, especially in the dead of winter!

The indoor market felt a bit cramped, and I was a little disoriented as I wasn’t sure where all my favourite booths were! Some booths appeared to be missing, I’m not sure if this is because they don’t participate in the winter market, or if I just bypassed them by accident :). Luckily I scoped out the West End Food Coop and bought my usual from Nicole! I got some Tibetan Momos for Chris for dinner (if you aren’t sure what these are, check out a description here. They are yum yum yum!)

This week I purchased only a few items: Carrots, sweet potato, garlic and a little somethin’ somethin’ new. I was feeling like a leafy green, however I wanted to get out of my spinach and kale comfort zone (plus I recently purchased frozen chopped kale for a curry dish I’m planning to make). So I decided to purchase sunflower sprouts.

Say what? Sunflower sprouts? WTF? Yes my friends, you heard right. These cute little greens are going to make a few appearances in my cooking this week:

sunflower sprouts
So darling…

 I sampled a few before I purchased, and was surprised on how mild and slightly nutty they were. Since I’m not the biggest salad fan (I rarely just bring a big salad to work or have one with dinner), I’m excited to sprinkle these on top of soups, stews and curries. Not only are they a beautiful garnish, but they fit my mantra of “eating 1 dark, leafy green every day”. Unfortunately I could not find any research available about their nutritional benefits (and I didn’t just want to copy and paste from some holisitic website). I will keep you updated when I find a reliable source!

Happy Market Monday!!


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