Market Monday

I am back to the market after a 2 week hiatus! It felt good to be back. I’ve been going to the Sorauren Farmer’s Market for almost a year now and many of the vendors I purchase from now know me by name and know what I like to purchase. That added touch makes shopping at the market so much more meaningful, knowing that I purchase food right from the farmers and the interaction is much more personal than a grocery store.

Today I spent a bit more than usual. I unfortunately ran out of both honey and maple syrup this morning so I had to re-stock. My haul included:

  • Maple Syrup (made in Goderich Ontario, close to my hometown!)
  • 2 small bags of pure maple syrup candy (dessert for Chris and I)
  • Unpasteurized wildflower honey (made by Clover Roads Organic farm in Hagersville ONT)
  • 2 chilli bowls (West-End Food Coop)
  • Organic hummus (West-End Food Coop)
  • Bunch of carrots
  • Basket of sweet potatoes
  • Basket of white potatoes

I skimped out on my produce today as I already have quite a few things at home (spinach, celery, mushroom, acorn squash). I bought all my produce at the Clover Roads Organic farm booth. The lovely couple who owns the farm are quickly becoming some of my favourite people at the market. They are friendly, knowledgeable and their produce has always been fantastic quality. I have never bought honey from them before but they explained how they make their honey, and the reasons for the different colourings, depending on the pollen.

When I bought carrots I was sifting through the big basket, looking for ones to take. The farmer mentioned to me “oh, not many people like the ugly ones”. When he said that I had to chuckle and tell him about this news story I read online. The report talked about a new grocery campaign in France, where selling “ugly” vegetables and fruits has become really popular. The campaign started to bring awareness to food waste and how “ugly” produce is on par with their “beautiful” counterparts. You can read about it here.

A sampling of my "ugly" selection, which I think is beautiful!
A sampling of my “ugly” selection, which I think is beautiful!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks… I spoke with one of the lovely staff at the West End Food Coop, who agreed I would be able to interview one of their coordinators! I’m super excited to share with everyone the wonderful work they do in the Parkdale/Queen West neighbourhood.

I had to dig into the hummus c/o the West End Food Coop. Eating in my car, like a boss.
I had to dig into the hummus c/o the West End Food Coop. Eating in my car, like a boss.

Happy Market Monday!!!


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