Domino’s Pizza and Dairy Farmers of Canada join forces…. WTF?

I was walking back to work on my lunch hour yesterday when I noticed balloons surrounding the entrance of a brand-spankin’ new Domino’s Pizza. And blazed on the window of the new shop I saw this:


Sorry about the blurry photo, I was trying to be stealth and NOT creep out the patrons eating :)
Sorry about the blurry photo, I was trying to be stealth and NOT creep out the patrons eating 🙂

“Delivering Canadian Dairy Goodness!”

WTF? Since when has a cow in a pasture and fresh milk been associated with greasy pizza? I went online to search for answers. At, there is a link right on the homepage to the Dairy Farmer’s of Canada website. The link brought me to the following statement:

“This year it’s all about supporting the 100% Canadian Milk symbol and the farmers who participate in the program. The focus of the communications this year is on getting consumers to feel good about choosing dairy products made from 100% Canadian Milk by showing them that it is produced according to the highest quality standards by farmers who care about their work.”

Ok, here is my beef with this campaign (see what I did there? har har har). I am not opposed to milk. I drink milk and consume milk products. I also think the campaign is a fantastic way to promote the purchase of Canadian products and to educate consumers on where their food comes from.  However I AM opposed to a campaign that sends a message to Canadians that pizza is a great way to get “100% Canadian milk” into your diet. The Dairy Farmers of Canada employs several brilliant, competent Registered Dietitians. I’m confused how this “marriage” between Domino’s and a Dietitian-backed organization came about.

My worry is that people will start to confuse this particular campaign with the other Dairy Farmer’s campaign called “Get Enough”. Basically this campaign endorses getting 2-3 servings of milk/milk products per day. There are commercials on TV right now and a website dedicated to this message.

A consumer who sees a commercial may think, “hmmm, how can I get more dairy products in to be healthy?”. Then the poor guy walks down College street in Toronto, sees the balloons and a huge poster with the Dairy Farmer’s stamp of approval. He goes in and grabs a few slices, thinking “yay Dairy Goodness!”. What he doesn’t think about is the extra 458 calories, 28g of fat and 1113mg of sodium that he will also be receiving with all the 100% Canadian milk (nutritionals are from the Domino’s Pizza nutrition guide, which is frankly confusing as hell. I grabbed the average nutritionals for a 187.5g slice, whatever that means).

Bottom line: Dairy Farmer’s of Canada should keep their campaigns consistent for consumers. Please continue to promote local, 100% Canadian milk. But maybe think about the industry partners you work with and consider how it conflicts with the messages your Dietitians recommend (case in point, the website for Get Enough makes no mention of daily pizza consumption).

Rant done (drops mic).


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