Friends supporting friends with awesome dinners

I will freely admit this- I have the best friends in the world! I’m sure everyone says that, but it’s definitely true for me. As many of you already know, I am currently doing the October Unprocessed Challenge through (I will be posting my mid-point update tomorrow). I have several friends who have been supporting me throughout the process (reading the blog, sending messages etc) and I couldn’t be more grateful. Today my wonderful friend Amanda invited me over for dinner with the following text message:

“Wanna come for dinner and we can make something whole foods superfoods delicious?”

Amanda is a fellow Dietitian and much like me, a worshiper of all things “Oh She Glows”. She is one of my vegetarian friends and makes some of the BEST vegetarian/vegan dishes I know (I hate eggplant but I will gobble her eggplant parmesan no problem!). I was excited to spend time with her (and her new puppy Pickles!), and also very touched that she took into consideration the Unprocessed Challenge. One of my biggest barriers (so far) of this challenge is the difficulty keeping with the “kitchen test” rules when out in social situations. I hate being “that girl” who refuses to eat certain foods because they are processed. But Amanda reached out and suggested we make dinner together, which I knew would a great time!

Aaaaand, I was not disappointed 🙂 Check out our creation:

I'm getting hungry again just looking at it....
I’m getting hungry again just looking at it….

We chopped up some kale and dressed it with a lemon tahini dressing (recipe c/o Oh She Glows) and mixed in avocado and pomegranate seeds. We topped the salad with toasted chickpeas, sweet potato and sunflower seeds. It was FANTASTIC!! Amanda receives a CSA vegetable and fruit box, so we used a lot of produce from that. A CSA box is a great way to experiment with new veggies and fruit!

Thank you Amanda for a great evening. Tonight goes to show that food is not merely what we put in our mouths and eat to keep us alive and healthy. Food is so important to our mental and social health too. Now whenever I make a salad like this again, I will be brought back to the fond memories of hanging out with a good friend, and watching a YouTube video with her dog:

S'up Pickles?
S’up Pickles?

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