Gimme some sugar…

Check out this video I recently watched, via Prevention magazine:

The only suggestion I would make is substituting the word “added” sugar with “free” sugar. I like the term “free sugar” as it indicates the sugar found naturally in foods (e.g. in fruit) has been “freed” from the confines of the fruit, into juice form. Anyways, I really like the point of this video. My friends and colleagues probably know my distain for fruit juice, and how it is NOT an equal substitute for an actual piece of fruit. After watching the video, here are my highlights:

  • Always choose real fruit over fruit juice, to reduce your total “free sugar” intake and to get the added benefits an actual fruit provides- mainly fibre.
  • The recommendations for juice should be on the same level as the recommendations for soda pop: it is ok to have as an occasional treat (e.g. in mimosa form), however it should not be consumed every day.
  • Always read the label and compare products, try and choose the product with lower amounts of sugar. This one is a toughy as Canada currently does not show “free, or added” sugar, just simply “sugar”. But you would be surprised the amount of foods on our shelves that contain secret sugar (pasta sauce, salad dressing, potato chips etc)

And that is the short and sweet of it…. See what I did there? I’m hilarious.


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